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CPTAMERICA: Yo Nupe, checked out yo whip, it is da shiznit! I copped that Top Banan...
n1ssanlover: Just doesnt come close to the old charger. Looks good though.
XXLHEMI: Looks good make your next mod the K&N 63 Series you'll love the power an...


Question: What to do Next?
K & N cool air intake?
Solo-Baric sub-woofers?
Srt hood?

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06 Dodge Charger R\T Road and Track Package Fully Loaded

Just washed Just rimmed up more pics to come soon

Rearview camera in trunk old key hole...From distance hardly noticeable
Closer image of Camera
Standard Nav Picture
Nelly's Grillz Video on Nav.
Video playing rear entertainment system(ves) on both screens
Another pic of Ves
Suede Seats with wireless headsets
What's behind the car via rear view camera
That mean Grill and.... oh the Frat
These are my newest acqusition
Nav to Dvd Converters
Bruckner Auto
My other hobby...Jordans Galore
Mod's done by Bruckner Auto in Nyc, Rims by hipnotic Via 106st Wheel and Tire...holla @ my man Dean 718 446 6769 All mods keep the car looking stock and clean with no excessive cutting or messing up the look of the car. New and better pics to come.There are 20% tints on front 5% on back so it damn near impossible to see in or out hence the need for a rear view camera

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